What is Jesus doing now?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what Jesus’ ministry looks like today? Like right now, what is he doing? Often in sermons, bible studies, and conversations between Christians, I hear talk about Jesus’ work in terms of his death and resurrection, but those events took place 2000 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, Christ’s death and … Continue reading What is Jesus doing now?

Pentecost, Dementia, and the Sacrament of Presence

"Should I even visit Mary?" Beth asked me. Mary and Beth used to be neighbors in the assisted living facility they both lived in, but a couple of months ago, Mary moved out to live in the memory support unit. She had been experiencing symptoms of dementia for a while, but finally she needed more … Continue reading Pentecost, Dementia, and the Sacrament of Presence

Adam: God’s Beloved By Henri J.M. Nouwen

Such great lessons from Nouwen. Thanks for posting Annie!

Anne Marie Rondeau

I have read several of Henri Nouwen’s books, including one that I read at my mother’s bed side as she was dying, and have found immense comfort and care in his words. He speaks so honestly, humbly, and creatively about suffering and the realities of the life of a christian. He leads his readers to adore Christ and it has made me hungry to read more of his works. And though he is Catholic, I have found so much common ground in his writing that can be read and admired by any believer, whether protestant or Catholic.

I read this book, Adam: God’s Beloved, in less than 2 hours and I was struck by the beauty and simplicity in language that Henri uses to describe his friend, Adam, to us. Adam was a profoundly disabled man that Henri lived with at L’Arche at Daybreak in Toronto, ON. Here are a…

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A Challenge to “No Creed but Christ” and “No book but the Bible”

It is likely that you have heard the expression "No creed but Christ" or "No book but the Bible" before. Through these expressions, Christians are often seeking to maintain a high view of the Scriptures. In fact, some think that this is what "sola Scriptura" means: The Bible is the only authority for the people … Continue reading A Challenge to “No Creed but Christ” and “No book but the Bible”

When Your Theological System Becomes an Idol

This article was originally posted at www.theministrydad.com CO-AUTHORED BY SCOTT FOREMAN AND TRAVIS JAMIESON  You’ve heard the terms and you’ve undoubtedly heard the arguments.  There’s the Amillennialists.  There’s the Postmillennialists.  There’s the pre, mid, posttribulationists, and suddenly the “no-rapture” people.  You’ve got Calvinists, Armenians, Puritans and Liberationists.  And probably all sitting in the pews (or chairs) … Continue reading When Your Theological System Becomes an Idol